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On today’s Headphone Commute podcast, I’d like to showcase a live set by Portland based Tim Westcott, recording under the alias wndfrm (and also known as cloudburst). Westcott produces beautiful atmospheric ambiance layered with driving rhythms, soaring dynamics and hypnotic charm. I’ll let Tim explain more about this particular recording: “this is my live set […]

By now Demdike Stare is more than just an occult new project from Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty. In the last couple of years, since the initial release of Symbiosis (2009) followed by Voices Of Dust (2010), Liberation Through Hearing (2010) and Forest Of Evil (2010), the duo has swept the music scene off of its seemingly stable base with a […]

I initially intended to review this compilation by Demdike Stare along instrumental hip-hip and West Coast Brainfeeder style producers. Ranging from hypnotic beats, to dubbed out rhythms, to eclectic ethnic sounds, the duo of Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker have been turning heads since their release on Modern Love, titled Symbiosis (2009). But it is their take […]

You don’t have to descend into a deep cavernous space inhabited by the hollow reverberations of the Overcast Sound – you’re already there. You don’t have to close your eyes to embrace the darkness and inhale the dampness – the candles are already gone. You don’t have to travel back in time to enjoy the […]

I am always hungry for new music. I think I continue to consume the sounds, so that I can recreate that moment. That moment of when one hears that sound, and is taken away out of this world into another. That moment, reminiscent of your childhood memories, when you would put on your headphones and […]

It goes like this. I wake up in my abandoned shelter made of found brick and metal scraps. It’s been raining for over a month now. But the water collecting in the corners is undrinkable. It is full of ash and oily fluid. There is only one way out of here. I step outside into […]

It is raining. I drag myself out of bed onto the wet pavement for a daily crawl to work. The raindrops typewrite poems on my umbrella. Time to put on Yagya. After a certain point, I can’t tell if the sound of the rain is coming from outside, or strictly from my headphones. And does […]

Following up the free digital teaser, No Place For Us EP (Ghostly, 2008), The Sight Below graces our ears with a full length, Glider. The album picks up right where the EP left off – majestic flowing ambient pads spreading over endless soundscapes complimented with an ongoing four/four beat. This is ambient techno at its […]

Anders Ilar comes back with an intelligent minimal techno album, full of ambient and glitch elements that compliment the ongoing groove in every single way. And I guess it wouldn’t be fair to file Sworn under minimal techno. After all, the only stylistic hint at that category is its four-four beat, and not on every […]

Entering the domain of ambient techno producers, is a newcomer by the name of The Sight Below. Ghostly didn’t think twice (and better for it), and snatched TSB for his first three-track EP, titled No Place For Us. The fact that I’m even taking the time to mention a digital single should tell you how […]

Mr. Evan Bartholomew… For connoisseurs of tech house, he is known as Evan Marc. For fiends of psybient and dubbed out downtempo, he is Bluetech – the West Coast producer of psychedelic influenced IDM sound (PsyDM) and an owner of a prolific record label, Native State Records. But a recent shift in economics of the […]


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