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If you’re a follower of ambient, experimental and abstract music, chances are that you have a favorite album from Machinefabriek. Rutger Zuydervelt is extremely prolific, producing close to a dozen albums, collaborations and EPs per year! I don’t even know when he found the time to make this exclusive mix for Headphone Commute! And a […]

Japanese ambient, electronic and experimental musicians have a cunning skill at bringing inanimate objects to life. Perhaps it is the traditional roots of Shinto and Buddhism that reveal a presence and being in each and every thing. The fact that on a subatomic level, every living thing shares the same particles with non organic form. […]

Does the sad, minimal, and drony music compliments the rain, or does the wet, dark, and windy morning makes that music so much better? These are some of the thoughts on my mind during my rainy commute, as the scratching little noises of Donato Wharton‘s guitar, floating synth ambiance, and seemingly random lo-fi acoustic frequencies […]

Fans of clicks and glitch rejoice! Raster-Noton is in the house! Matt Storey, aka Vinyl Matt selects his favorite Raster-Noton cuts to create one of the most eclectic and challenging mixes on Headphone Commute, showcasing the label’s finest artists, such as Kangding Ray, SND, COH, Mika Vainio, Grischa Lichtenberger and of course, Alva Noto himself. […]

In this third installment of our four-part 12k special, we examine two live performances and an experimental EP. In all three, the label excels at providing a service of archiving, if you will, of single events, group gatherings, and academical studies. With these releases, 12k once again stands out among today’s cutting edge experimental, improvisational […]

Here’s the second installment in our four part 12k Sound Bytes special. In this particular entry, I decided to dig back a few years and cover the albums that I really enjoyed from the label, but didn’t have the time to write about before. As with all music, I don’t believe in assigning a numerical value […]

I’ve been a long time fan of pretty much everything from Taylor Deupree‘s Pound-Ridge based label, 12k. Undoubtedly, one of the catalysts of boundary pushing developments in ambient, minimalist, and electro-acoustic frontiers, 12k is at the forefront of today’s independent labels. With well over 80 releases since its inception in 1997, the albums dominate the […]

DJ Snobo, a Riga (Latvia) based selector, is back with another mix for Headphone Commute. This mysterious sonic journey through some abstract, leftfield, and obscure selections will surely keep you intrigued. Here is a full explanation from Gosh: I almost never plan a concept for my mixes in advance – well ok, I can preselect […]

With this installment of Sound Bytes we are accomplishing two things at once: introducing your ears to the music of Samadhisound, a label setup by David Sylvian and Steve Jansen; and welcoming on board a new contributor to Headphone Commute – Peter van Cooten, the man behind the wonderful AmbientBlog, featuring mixes, podcasts, and reviews […]

I have to admit that I’m mildly surprised by where my musical preferences are taking me these days. Until recently, I didn’t really have much patience for drone and noise music. I found it intriguing but I couldn’t really wrap my head around it. Now I find myself increasingly gravitating toward these more abstract forms […]

Listening to Tummaa requires preparation. At least, it requires knowledge of the intent behind this album. Let me set the stage. The intent is ‘darkness’. And this is its music. Tummaa reflects the mood recreated by Sasu Ripatti, composing under the moniker Vladislav Delay, while living on a remote island in the Baltic Sea during […]

~Treibgut fits snuggly into the sonic world of Raster-Noton. For this EP, his first release for the label, Grischa Lichtenberger‘s primary sources are found sounds from the world around him, including the sound of a sliding tabletop, the noise of a radiator and the humming of a broken device. Apparently, the music reflects Lichtenberger’s reflections […]

Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto are unquestionably among the masters of modern experimental music. Noto has crafted a musical language all his own based on the most elemental of sound sources – electricity, static, white noise – and helped to raise laptop production to new heights. Sakamoto has such a varied an brilliant career, ranging […]

Descending down a steep slope, I slowly enter a cavern populated with dripping stalactites, swinging wind chimes, and wondering whispers. The dark atmosphere soaks up the humidity of a distant buzzing organism and spews it out through DSP filters and control voltage modulated synths. Through repetitive patterns, nested recursion, and looped iterations, Lissom experiments with data-structure-precise evolving […]

Toronto based Aidan Baker and Montreal based Tim Hecker pair up to deliver an abstract and experimental ambient piece on a Canadian Alien8 Recordings. Hecker is not a stranger to a noise-prominent label, having previously released Mirages (Alien8, 2004), and a re-issue of Radio Amor (Mille Plateaux, 2003). In addition, his ambient recordings have already […]

I was sitting in the waiting room. Waiting. The only external factors affecting my senses were the parallel lines of the desks and the chairs, the subdued colors of the withered walls, and the music of Stephan Mathieu in my headphones. I looked over to the clock, and the hand stood still. I turned my […]

In 2002, the Scottish electronic music duo, Boards of Canada released their second commercial full length album on Warp Records, titled Geogaddi. I say, “commercial”, because prior to being signed to Warp, brothers [yes, they _are_ brothers] Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin Sandison have released several obscure EPs and albums on their own, Music70 imprint. […]

Here comes Fennesz, with his highly anticipated fourth studio album on Touch. Christian Fennesz is a prolific Vienna based composer who has been crafting electronic multi-layered laptop compositions with an aid of his guitar since the late 90s. Or is it the other way around? His guitar driven pieces with a heavy dose of DSP? […]

This dusty selection of modern classical compositions originally released by Sylvain Chauveau in 2000 [and re-issued in 2002] is once again available on Type Records! This was Chauveau’s debut album, originally titled in French as Le Livre Noir Du Capitalisme, and released on a Dijon (France) based experimental and ambient label, Noise Museum [which is […]

I’ll admit – it took me more than a few listens to get into Paavoharju. I almost dismissed the album completely, but my readers kept insisting that I give it another whirl. And here it is, Laulu Laakson Kukista, opening its intricate secrets after careful observation. The crackles, the noises, the lo-fi magnetic tape manipulations […]


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