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Today we are happy to premiere a track from Bruno Bavota‘s upcoming new release on Dronarivm, titled Mediterraneo. This Naples (Italy) based composer’s music has previously appeared on these pages with his third album, The Secret of the Sea (Psychonavigation, 2014) and a subsequent Interview with Bruno Bavota in which he shares his inspiration behind the album. Mediterraneo is an ode to […]

Today we’re featuring a track première, exclusive to readers of Headphone Commute! Taken from Marsen Jules‘ upcoming album The Empire of Silence, released on Oktaf on March 30th, “Skriniya”, which is an Inuit word (Eskimo-Aleut language) for “floating snow” or “snow that never touches earth”, is an organic meditation on Nordic frozen landscapes: Ten years after his debut-album “Herbstlaub“ on CCO, […]

About a decade ago, during an insomnia tortured night, I sat down in front of my laptop and clicked through the latest releases on Boomkat. This is when I first discovered Max Richter‘s The Blue Notebooks. I specifically remember hearing myself saying out loud, “What is this music?” I didn’t know, and couldn’t possibly imagine, […]

Headphone Commute is honored to premiere a new music video collaboration between a Swedish composer Marcus Fjellström and Dutch graphic artist Bas Mantel, taken from the upcoming Epilogue -M- EP to be released on Aagoo Records on May 28th, 2013. Fjellström has been a long time favorite artist, with his releases on Lampse, Kafkagarden and of course, Miasmah. On the […]

Well, here’s something amazing to look forward to. My good friend and partner in crime, Rob Booth, is preparing a very special treat! In 2007, Booth launched his now popular Electronic Explorations show, sharing with the world some of the most fantastic tunes and mixes from some of my favorite artists, such as Machinedrum, Clubroot, Lucy, Roel Funcken, and […]

Waking up this morning, a day of Thanksgiving (and more importantly a day off), I gravitate towards my studio and power on the system. Across the river, the sun is rising, and its bright yellow fingers sweep the cold Autumn skin. On this early day in November I gather my thoughts of all music, in […]

Well, here’s indeed something special! The wonderful folks at Oktaf are releasing tracks in a new Sketches series into the world one at a time, and we got our dirty hands on the fourth installment from Marsen Jules, titled Serenade, exclusively for Headphone Commute! That’s right – this is the _ONLY_ place where you can […]

After releasing Nils Frahm‘s previous two albums Wintermuzik (2009) and The Bells (2010), as well as an Unter | Über EP (2010) and a collaborative release with Anne Müller titled 7fingers (2010), the UK based purveyor of modern classical, IDM and post-rock, Erased Tapes Records prepares for a new installment from one of the rising […]

Released as part of the Celestial Summer compilation, curated by LYFSTYL & Synesthesiae Films, exploring the sounds of celestial bodies, :papercutz and Pleq get an opportunity to collaborate together on a track, alongside Teeel, Moth, Summer Heart, Culture Voyage, Starfawn and many others. Ambient swells and atmospheric textures outline the cycles of the planet, studied by […]

A free track from one of the top producers in psychedelic dub and ambient scenes – what’s not to like? To support his new full-length upcoming album, Mir, the UK based producer Ott, closely working with Hallucinogen, Shpongle, and many other Twisted artists, as well as the man behind his celebrated release, Skylon (Twisted, 2008), […]

It’s been like a whole month since I’ve selected a new Track of the Week. I’ve been pretty busy, I guess… But it took a new single from Submotion Orchestra to wake me up from my hibernation. So today I share with you a preview of a single from an upcoming full length, due out […]

Cover version of Broadcast’s “Until Then” recorded by Rafael Anton Irisarri with Benoit Pioulard, in memory of Trish Keenan. Here are some words from Rafael: Benoit and I were working on our collaborative project this week and decided to record one of our favorite songs as a tribute. We were both extremely saddened by Trish Keenan’s […]

Imagine a mash up of Thom Yorke, trip-hop beats, and celestial choirs, and you’ll only have an inkling of what to expect with The Hurt Kingdom, the new release from East Midlands artists To Bury a Ghost. These ambitious lads marry thundering bass lines with swooning emotional passages, capped by delicate strings. They carry it […]

Well, it looks like after a few years of being quiet, Ninja Tune finally got their $h_t together and released an excellent album, by a long time favorite of mine – Brendan Angelides. This San Francisco based beat master has been dropping tracks for over a decade now, releasing under Eskmo and Welder on a […]

Today we are featuring a track off of n5MD 10th anniversary compilation, The Reconstruction of Fives. This special release features tracks from the label’s catalog covered by a specially selected group of artists, including Nadja, Architect, Ben Lukas Boysen (Hecq), Dalot, Jasper TX, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Boy Is Fiction, Miwon, Bersarin Quartett, and others! On […]

We’ve got another album sampler for you! This time, it’s an 18 minute meditation session, with selection of the tracks from the latest album by Mark Harris – The Boy Observes The Ocean released by Hibernate Recordings. Thick ambient pads, swell in layers of sounds, filling the empty spaces with vapors soundscapes, and then recede […]

Open up those dusty venetian blinds, we’ve got another crrrazy in the house! Igorrr has been scrrrewing with our brrraincells since the 2008 self-released Moisissure (later picked up by Acroplane). In Headphone Commute’s review I comparrred Gautier Serre’s music to the production by V.Snares, Bong-Ra,Enduser, and Doormouse, so the followers of intelligent, and often chaotic breakcorrre, should be proud of […]

This week’s selection magically ties into our Sound Postcards project. At the beginning of October, I opened this project up for your submissions via Headphone Commute’s Sound Postcard Group and have received numerous fantastic entries! Among them was a track by Máistrí that totally took me by surprise. Here was a modern classical miniature composition […]

This week we feature a track by one of our old time friends and contributors, Sarah Badr. Sarah has previously written a review of Telefon Tel Aviv‘s Immolate Yourself.  I knew that Sarah was a designer, artist, and a writer… but I had no idea that she was also a musician, composing pieces under the […]

In the spirit of featuring snippets from upcoming releases, here’s another album sampler from our friends at Experimedia. On this 7-minute preview of their latest work, the San Francisco based duo, Maxwell August Croy and James Devane, releasing under the name En explore ambient swells and textured atmospheres, in their debut collection of recordings, The […]


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