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About a year ago, Headphone Commute’s Sound Postcards feature started its new chapter, with contributions from our favorite artists, sending in snippets of field recordings, creative phonography, and previously unpublished pieces. I suppose today is as a good of a day as any to celebrate the project’s one year anniversary with a beautiful recording from […]

In an unprecedented move, we receive a special sound postcard featuring not one, but two of our favorite musicians working together – offthesky and Morgan Packard. To be even more unconventional, Jason Corder submitted a video created exclusively for Headphone Commute‘s Sound Postcard series: the video was shot several years ago on a lumix DMC […]

Having released music on labels such as Highpoint Lowlife, Phantom Channel, Dead Pilot and Hidden Shoal Recordings, the English composer Anthony Saggers, recording under the moniker Stray Ghost sends a unique Sound Postcard to readers of Headphone Commute. Named after the street where Saggers is staying while living in Paris, the recording is an entire […]

I got a great opportunity to capture a moment of marching protesters during the “Occupy Wall Street” movement in New York City. Thought I’d share it with you… MORE SOUND POSTCARDS >>>

New York City based Ezekiel Honig is the founder and curator of Anticipate Recordings, an electro-acoustic, ambient, and emotional warm electronica label, with releases from Klimek, Sawako, Morgan Packard, Mark Templeton and of course Honig himself. Recently Honig released Folding In On Iself, a minimal-ambient album on the beloved Type Records. But enough name dropping […]

Discovered by David Newman’s Audiomoves label, and re-discovered here again through his amazing album Form, Aria Rostami continues to impress us with his versatile composition range and delicate musicianship. Today we feature this Sound Postcard: Piano is just me improvising on the piano. I don’t get to do work like this often, but I’m a […]

It’s another quiet weekend for me… I spent half of it working on an organic ambient mix showcasing Time Released Sound artists… That’s a little later… but now, I was inspired to sit at my piano and play you this short piece… MORE SOUND POSTCARDS >>>

In just a few weeks Nils Frahm will release his new alum, Felt on Erased Tapes Records (out on 10/10/11). Recently Headphone Commute featured a Snippet of Frahm’s anticipated release as our Track of the Week. We also have this exciting Album Teaser published on our newly curated Ambient page on… But that’s not […]

Tim Martin, aka Maps and Diagrams, contributes his own Sound Postcard to our ongoing series. Headphone Commute has recently reviewed Martin’s latest release, Get Lost in our Sound Bytes Label Special : Time Released Sound, as well as published an interview Two and a Half Questions with Maps and Diagrams. I’m also really looking forward […]

Er… I don’t know exactly how this happened, but apparently I had a Sound Postcard from David Wenngren (Library Tapes), that I was sitting on since last November! Either it was an unfortunate accident, or maybe I just wanted to keep it all to myself! But it is here now, and I am happy to […]

The music of Italian modern classical composer, Fabrizio Paterlini, first appeared on Headphone Commute with a review of his collection of “lost” music, titled Fragments Found (self, 2010). With his delicate piano keys, Paterlini quickly made it to our Best of 2010 list, subtitled Music For Watching The Snow Slowly Fall In The Moonlight, alongside Dustin […]

It’s about time that I have received a real Sound Postcard. Out of nowhere there was a message in my mailbox from none other than Rutger Zuydervelt, recording under the name Machinefabriek: This audio postcard might reach you when I’m in Rotterdam again. This collage consist of recordings made on the island Vlieland (the Netherlands), […]

Here’s a Sound Postcard that’s been sitting in my mailbox bin, long overdue to be shared! It goes perfectly with the latest Headphone Commute review of Overcast Sound‘s Beneath The Grain. It’s a recording made in our Berlin flat using geophones attached to the boiler and pipes near the windows during one of the more […]

Welcome to another entry in our Sound Postcards feature, where we continue to deliver pieces of aural memories from your favorite musicians! Today’s little gem is an entire mini composition by Antonymes titled On Departing The Strange Museum. As mysterious as the man behind the name, this composition reveals its secrets all on its own… […]

A few blocks from my job, a Trinity Church was hosting a set of concerts, titled Bach at Noon. I’m not a religious type, but I couldn’t miss out on the sounds of the organ, the enormous lightness of the acoustics, and the beauty of the voice. In this recording, a choir performs a piece […]

Today’s Sound Postcard is delivered by Dustin O’Halloran. This mysterious recording, titled Berlin, comes from… well… Berlin… where city sounds of the pedestrians and the underground mix with the recorded announcement of that anonymous voice, which can be recognized all over the world by its calm demeanor… “mind the gap between platform and train”… I […]

It may be April Fools’ Day, and all, but I assure you this is not a joke. It is certainly one of the funniest Sound Postcards to be ever shared on Headphone Commute, and is indeed only appropriate to be published today. Here’s an unlikely performance by the most liked duo for your enjoyment… Credits: […]

This past weekend, I went on a three-day retreat to a beautiful reserve in Massachusetts, where I practiced Vipassanā meditation in total silence. As you can imagine, this introspective view on oneself, as well as an acute sensitivity to all surrounding sound, or the lack thereof, had a profound effect on my own mind, awareness, […]

sorry kids… upset a bit today… so that is all i have to say… MORE SOUND POSTCARDS >>>

Today’s Sound Postcard comes from Emanuele Errante, who recently has been profiled by Headphone Commute in our Interview with Emanuele Errante as well as review of his latest album on Karaoke Kalk, Time Elapsing Handheld. The following entry, as the title suggests, was captured in Ireland, on the lake of Kylemore Abbey (Lough Kylemore, Connemara). […]


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