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It seems that I am always excited about the latest mix in our podcast series. And yet today’s entry is another installment which I am honored to host. Dennis Huddleston, producing under the moniker 36 (pronounced ‘three-six’) prepares a gorgeous journey across his favorite pieces taking us to that ‘other place‘. Besides a few familiar […]

Transitions… that space in between. We often rush from one place to another, moving in our lives from point A to B, becoming this or that, while missing out on all of those transitions… Yet these may hold the essence of all the delicate moments in your life. From weeks between two jobs, to flights between […]

If you haven’t noticed, I had a nice vacation in Japan (see HC’s Instagram), but now I’m back, ripping through the archives of unpublished reviews, interviews and mixes. To cleanse the palette a bit from the usual Headphone Commute fare, we invite you to check out this hour-long mix by Alastair Kelly, who has previously […]

Today we welcome back Gosh Snobo, a Riga (Latvia) based selector, who has previously contributed to our program back in 2011 with A Rest From Intention, and once again, same year later, with a TEARSUPSIDEDOWN mix. Originally put together on January 1st of 2014, the selection is inspired by new beginnings celebrated with a welcoming of a […]

It’s been a while since I made a mix for you, guys… so you can say that this has been a long time in the making. In fact, I finished the mix back in February but held on to it for just a bit, to make sure it was absolutely perfect. I’ve put on a […]

Just when you thought that our last mix by Saimonse was one of the most popular in years, Roel Funcken comes around and raises the bar. We’ve hosted a total of four mixes already by the sibling member of the beloved Funckarma, yet in this three-hour mind-blowing journey Funcken outdoes even himself! It’s more than a carefully multi-layered […]

So Saimon Saimonse is a little bit obsessed with bvdub – but who isn’t it? Brock Van Wey is more than a prolific artist, with more than a handful of albums per year under many monikers – he is a shaman weaving sonic landscapes that are just as beautiful as they are hypnotizing. It’s easy […]

Here comes another beautiful installment in Headphone Commute’s podcast series – I hope you’re keeping up! Today we welcome you into the world of Christophe Ywaska who runs a weekly experimental music radio show in Bruges, Belgium under the guise of Klankschap. The dazzling selection of tracks walks down the memory lane of psychedelic electronica, experimental ambiance, […]

I’m always excited to welcome Peter Van Cooten back to our podcast, and this time it’s no exception! Peter is more than a friend and a colleague – at times it feels like I make some of my mixes for him, while he carefully crafts special journeys for me. It’s less than a competition, but rather […]

Unsound New York is kicking off in just one day, and we’ve partnered with the festival to bring you this special live performance by Pietnastka, recorded at Unsound in Krakow 2012 (courtesy of Unsound Festival New York and NTS). Showcasing the eclectic sounds of Piotr Kurek, the cassette-born project explores some truly psychedelic territories with “woozy […]

I usually don’t mix my personal life with that of my Headphone Commute persona (although, arguably, it’s always one and the same), but this time it feels slightly appropriate. A nasty strain of flu has put me out of commission for almost a week, and so I’ve been away from words, from music, and from […]

We approach the third and final installment in Cedric‘s Pianorama mix series, and it’s a fantastic conclusion to a four-and-a-half hour sonic trip! Featuring everyone from Nils Frahm to Otto A Totland to Dustin O’Halloran and Jóhann Jóhannsson, it seems that Cedric managed to compile a universe of contemporary musicians, showcasing some of their best […]

We begin part two exactly where we last left off – with a Clark remix of a track by Nils Frahm dedicated to Peter Broderick – this mix was meant to be a continuous journey after all [a single file will be available after the third part is released]. Traversing styles and genres, Cedric delivers his second installment in […]

Today we kick off a three-part Pianorama mix series! Compiled by Cedric as a follow up to his very first installment, the initial journey was just a bit over three hours long, and originally designed to be listened to in one sitting! After much discussion we decided to break up this odyssey into three parts, […]

What’s unique and incredibly enchanting about mixes by Roel Funcken is that he doesn’t simply select and lay out his favorite pieces – he also manipulates them into a gorgeous matrimony of sounds. As a long time producer and member of Funckarma (along with his brother Don), Funcken lightly applies minimal effects to already stunning […]

And just like that, without wasting any time, we move into our regularly scheduled programming, with the very first mix of 2014! Saimon Saimonse has previously charmed our listeners with his gorgeous selections for “without you i’m nothing“, “Road to Home“, and of course, “time of brock van wey“. Saimonse’s choices seem to overlap with my […]

By now, Mike Jedlicka’s Optic Echo Presents mix is an annual tradition. As the year wounds down to the end, so does the music that has graced our ears. For the third consecutive year, we are proud to share OEP Best Vinyl of 2013, a curated selection of vinyl-only releases. This year’s final showcase features many of the […]

Well, it’s almost the end of the year, and the Christmas bells seem to countdown things we loved and will leave behind. The Best of 2013 lists begin to flood the intarwebs, but there is still a whole week left before I’m ready to proclaim my own! As a matter of fact, just today, December […]

It’s been more than a few weeks since I really listened to music. I mean it. First a long beach vacation kept me decompressing to the sound of the waves. Then, a nasty flu swept me off my feet and had me bed ridden with a fever. Even now, as I write this, my ears […]

Harmi Palda has been composing and releasing music since 2005. Those familiar with his sound have no doubt became fans after his Ad Infinitum album on Rednetic Recordings in 2009. Recently, Palda has announced a new album, titled Living Moments, set for release in 2014. To celebrate his work, Headphone Commute has invited Infinite Scale to compile a selection […]


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