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Apparently another annual tradition for Headphone Commute is to begin a new year with a mix from Saimon Saimonse, who has been a consistent selector of heart warming tunes for the times when we need it most. This is especially a hard time for me, as I mourn the passing of my dear friend and partner […]

And, as it has been an annual tradition for Headphone Commute for the last four years, we round off this year with a very special vinyl-only mix by Mike Jedlicka of Optic Echo, incorporating his favorite selections of the year. This is indeed a very special last-minute treat, before we unleash upon you our end of the […]

Eilean Rec. is an independent French label, run by Mathias Van Eecloo (of Monolyth & Cobalt) releasing ambient, electro-acoustic, experimental music, and everything in between. All physical releases are limited to about 50 to 200 copies, and are handmade with additional help in design from Rémi Verdier. Conceptually, the entire project is based around a […]

So we’re already in December, and after 24 mixes of 2014 we’ve got exactly two more (including this one), plus a round-off with Best Vinyl of 2014 courtesy of Optic Echo Presents [like we’ve done for two years now]. But before we bid this year adieu, we’ve got a gorgeous mix from one of our […]

On today’s podcast I am honored to host a mix from Marcus Fjellström, a Swedish composer (now based in Berlin) whom I’ve been following since his 2010 release Schattenspieler on Miasamah. Fjellström creates a very unique, haunting and cinematic sound, that somehow captures the all encompassing mysteries of the universe through a self-centered lens of a very human […]

With the Daylight Savings Time I now wake up into complete darkness. My room in pitch black and my alarm blinking 6:00, I drag myself towards a fresh cup of coffee and the studio. As the caffeine slowly spreads throughout my system, light begins to pour into my room, and music fills the emptiness left briefly […]

Has it been two weeks already? We’re back with another hour-long program to bring you more tunes! Today’s mix is brought to you by Alastair Kelly, who’s been a fan and a follower for some time now. It’s like a very special feedback loop between us – I put out the these words into the […]

[editor’s note: for the description of this mix, we’re diving directly into words from Ryan Keane, the founder of Lost Tribe Sound label] It has been an honor to work with some amazing musicians and artists since LTS started in 2010 including our main roster consisting of William Ryan Fritch, Graveyard Tapes, Part Timer, Benoit […]

And just like that, new things begin. This morning is another day, sleepily yawning into the autumn sky. It’s all about cycles. It’s all about change. “Everything changes,” a car salesman said to me when I asked about the improvements over the last year’s model during my test drive. I’m sure he knew how right […]

Once again I am honored to host a mix from Richard Chartier, who has appeared on this program back in January of 2012, with A Wintery Mix. This time around, Chartier offers a mix under his Pinkcourtesyphone moniker, a DJ name he’s used in mid 90s, and an alias which he has currently resurrected for his solo releases. […]

For today’s program I’ve invited Orla Wren, an artist from North England releasing music on Flau, Facture, Home Normal, and most recently Oak Editions, to share with you his favorite pieces, which happen to be from film. It’s a beautiful chronicle, with its own special plot and emotional journey: For this mix I collected many […]

No words today… just music… Tracklisting [00:00] Celer – Part 2 [HC Edit 1] [02:30] Chihei Hatakeyama – The Dance Of The Sea [03:30] Ian Hawgood – A Film by The Remote Viewer [06:50] Konntinent – Collo & Orro [HC Edit 1] [09:20] offthesky – Little Subtle Secret [13:00] Mountain Ocean Sun – Peace […]

It seems that I am always excited about the latest mix in our podcast series. And yet today’s entry is another installment which I am honored to host. Dennis Huddleston, producing under the moniker 36 (pronounced ‘three-six’) prepares a gorgeous journey across his favorite pieces taking us to that ‘other place‘. Besides a few familiar […]

Transitions… that space in between. We often rush from one place to another, moving in our lives from point A to B, becoming this or that, while missing out on all of those transitions… Yet these may hold the essence of all the delicate moments in your life. From weeks between two jobs, to flights between […]

If you haven’t noticed, I had a nice vacation in Japan (see HC’s Instagram), but now I’m back, ripping through the archives of unpublished reviews, interviews and mixes. To cleanse the palette a bit from the usual Headphone Commute fare, we invite you to check out this hour-long mix by Alastair Kelly, who has previously […]

Today we welcome back Gosh Snobo, a Riga (Latvia) based selector, who has previously contributed to our program back in 2011 with A Rest From Intention, and once again, same year later, with a TEARSUPSIDEDOWN mix. Originally put together on January 1st of 2014, the selection is inspired by new beginnings celebrated with a welcoming of a […]

It’s been a while since I made a mix for you, guys… so you can say that this has been a long time in the making. In fact, I finished the mix back in February but held on to it for just a bit, to make sure it was absolutely perfect. I’ve put on a […]

Just when you thought that our last mix by Saimonse was one of the most popular in years, Roel Funcken comes around and raises the bar. We’ve hosted a total of four mixes already by the sibling member of the beloved Funckarma, yet in this three-hour mind-blowing journey Funcken outdoes even himself! It’s more than a carefully multi-layered […]

So Saimon Saimonse is a little bit obsessed with bvdub – but who isn’t it? Brock Van Wey is more than a prolific artist, with more than a handful of albums per year under many monikers – he is a shaman weaving sonic landscapes that are just as beautiful as they are hypnotizing. It’s easy […]

Here comes another beautiful installment in Headphone Commute’s podcast series – I hope you’re keeping up! Today we welcome you into the world of Christophe Ywaska who runs a weekly experimental music radio show in Bruges, Belgium under the guise of Klankschap. The dazzling selection of tracks walks down the memory lane of psychedelic electronica, experimental ambiance, […]


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