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Over the last 10 years, Copenhagen-based graphic designer Denise Burt has been on a unique discovery of contemporary classical music through her work designing covers for hundreds of art music releases. In Seeing New Music she tells, from a personal viewpoint, the stories behind the creation of 24 of her CD designs. She also explains […]

And here it is… the very first EP in the UNDISCLOSED series of anonymous releases curated by yours truly. Each EP in the series is composed by an artist from a hand-picked roster of contemporary musicians, opening the possibilities of exploring a particular sonic territory while remaining detached from all of the previous associations with their notable […]

The universe has an interesting way of re-balancing itself. I’ve noticed that more and more, specifically when one tries to push the boundaries a bit. The universe has a way of interrupting and saying “Nuh-uh… get back in your place.” You can try to rebel, but the universe always succeeds. So although I am incredibly […]

Well, maybe not so ‘new’ forum, since it was unofficially revealed a few weeks ago, but anyway… What is it and why are we doing it? Aren’t there enough social web sites already? Why would you need to register and go to yet another place for all your music needs? After a few weeks of […]

Dear friends, Thanks to your generosity and tremendous support we were able to raise yet another $10,000 [and this is after all the fees by Bandcamp and PayPal] and make two donations in January of 2014 to Doctors Without Borders and The Humane Society. This is a monumental achievement, considering that the compilation was released more […]

Dear friends, Last year, when Hurricane Sandy drove me out for a week, I couldn’t help but appreciate how fortunate I was to be able to return to an intact home with heat and electricity, knowing full well that there were many others out there, left stranded, hungry and cold. To raise funds and awareness, […]

Having spent so much time writing [and reading] directly on the site, I often overlook other means of consuming this content. I am talking specifically about all of the individuals who receive daily updates via email subscriptions, and those who peruse the site through their favorite RSS readers and aggregators, such as Feedly and Newsblur, or […]

The update is that there is no update. The news is stuck on an annoying loop, with flashing images of wreckage and quotes from people without homes. It’s been a week, and I’m still stranded, about a hundred miles away. But I am fine. I miss the music, but it is warm and cozy in […]


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