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Editor’s Note: As usual with our equipment and product reviews, this is not a paid endorsement. The review below is a genuine response from Headphone Commute. I’ve got the SubPac and I aint never turning back! This seemingly simple looking piece of technology literally opens up another dimension of music, which all of a sudden you’ve missed all […]

I still remember the day I bought my first pair of ‘audiophile-grade’ headphones. They were a pair of Grado SR125 and I remember a whole month preceding the purchase, agonizing over the $100+ price-tag, convincing myself that this would be the next step in my ultimate sonic journey. I wasn’t wrong! I remember holding the […]

For today’s equipment review, I’d like to tell you about a portable DAC and headphone amp made by miniwatt. If you’re not familiar with the terminology, DAC stands for Digital-to-Analog Converter, which is a device that translates all those ones and zeros in you digital audio stream to analog signal that drives your speakers and […]

Becoming an audiophile is simply a curse. It’s not even a hobby, and more of a lifestyle. After first tasting that rich bite of a fare you can’t ever eat at a fast-food or hodgepodge again. After experiencing a high quality sound you simply dismiss all of the past times as deafness and fog. But […]

After my previous review of HiFiMAN’s EF-2A Headphone Amp, I decided to explore this company’s offering in headphones. After all, they specialize in the award-winning planar-magnetic series of cans, which start at $400 and go up to $1,300. But before I dive into the world of high-end drivers, I decided to check out the HE-300 – […]

I’ll admit, it took me a while to shell out some cash for a desktop headphone amplifier. And it wasn’t until I had a pair of high impedance headphones, which actually needed the extra boost, that I ventured out in search of an affordable entry-level amp. I wanted something small, with a front-facing knob, headphone jack, […]

I was sitting around the house today feeling a little out-of-place. Besides all of the anxiety with my benefit compilation, “… and darkness came“, something else was missing from my daily routine. By noon, after posting a sarcastic rant on my FB page on Beats by Dr. Dre [my least favorite topic, I assure you], I finally […]

“Wait a second, what is this?” For the past six years, I have been writing about music. The only reason I started documenting my favorite albums is because I was losing track of all the latest releases. Those who know me personally would admit, that I’m somewhat of a snob, and on occasion talk about […]


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