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I know, I know – this is such a tease!!! And you did not read the subject of this article wrong – it does indeed say 2009! Just hang on for a few more days and we’ll release Headphone Commute’s best of 2010. I swore to not announce my favorites until the actual end of […]

And one more list to squeeze in before January is over… Plus, these are always fun, don’t you think? The following entries of 15 albums reflect Reader’s Selections as aggregated from Your Votes. There is one catch to this list – these are all the albums NOT covered on Headphone Commute before, or appearing in […]

Feel like you’ve had enough lists? Well, I’ve got one more… After many submissions of individual lists from Headphone Commute readers (see Best of 2009 – Your Votes), I’ve tabulated and aggravated and aggregated your selections into the following ten albums. This list pretty much hits the spot in terms of “best of the best”. […]

Here’s the last list of music, highlighting my favorite albums of the year. Hope you enjoyed this trip. Meanwhile, my neighbors are going to go ahead and whine about the loud music coming from my office. I guess it’s time to go riding in the night. Start the engine, turn up the volume, and blast […]

The beast is awake. Daydreams turn into nightmares. This is not real. This is not real. The walls perspire and the muscles ache, as the sound rolls over your blanket and crawls under your bed. There it shakes off its frequencies and morphs into an over-compressed standing wave, too loud to mix, until its entire […]

Publishing these lists one per day is pure agony! Especially when I originally intended this specific list to be the first! After all, it contains the albums from one of my favorite genres! The one that truly excites every neuron, challenges the ordinary, and triggers a thought. Fans of Warp Records’ pioneers, like Squarepusher, Aphex […]

It’s January 1st, 2010, and my jet-pack isn’t here. There is no smell-a-vision and the intarwebs are still damn slow. Yes, I can carry around over 1300 albums in my pocket, but I still have to worry about a plastic syringe in someone’s pants. It’s January 1st, and my neighbors are still sleeping. It is […]

IN MEMORY OF CHARLES WESLEY COOPER III( TELEFON TEL AVIV )[ 1977 – 2009 ] (entries are listed in alphabetical order by artist. links point to album reviews on headphone commute) Architeq – Gold + Green (Tirk) Bibio – Ambivalence Avenue (Warp) Detritus – Things Gone Wrong (Ad Noiseam) Lusine – A Certain Distance (Ghostly […]

I don’t believe in silent art. Perhaps the shuffling of the feet, or the occasional rude phone conversation may be considered to be a unique soundtrack for the museum. The space where art must be observed uninterrupted. But I have another idea. I imagine sonic installations played along contemporary art. I once went into an […]

In the silent and sad mountains, music speaks without the lyrics. Words escape and rise in clouds, forming vapor, pain and passion. Music, on the other hand, is harmless, floating low above the ground, spreading long and foggy fingers, through the grass and morning flowers. In this dark and lonely winter, snow begins to lightly […]

IN MEMORY OF DANIELLE BAQUET-LONG(CELER / CHUBBY WOLF)[ 1983 – 2009 ] (entries are listed in alphabetical order by artist. links point to album reviews on headphone commute) Bvdub – We Were the Sun (Quietus) Chubby Wolf – Meandering Pupa (self) Danny Norbury – Light In August (Lacies) Elegi – Varde (Miasmah) Fjordne – The […]

Have you ever walked in the autumn rain? Just like the sunshine warms the breezy beaches, and the snow blankets the silent cemeteries, the rain drenches my clothes, and no, you can not tell that I’m crying. Covered from head to toe in the wetness and music, my feet plop through puddles, as my mind […]

I may not share or write about this type of music all too often, but I’ll admit that I’m in love with stress erasing, head cleaning, heart pounding, minimal beats. Whether it’s the sound of Detroit, Chicago, London or Berlin, I’ll be there dancing away to the four-to-the-floor rhythm of my favorites and notables, such […]

Something warm and crispy is tickling the inside of my ear canal. It travels through my cochlear labyrinth, where the sensory hair cells sway with the vibrations and generate electric signals, which in turn fire the synapse towards my primary auditory cortex. Somewhere within the Wernicke’s area of my cerebral cortex it all makes sense, […]

Abandoned places and desolate spaces, covered with rain, snow and ash, wrapped in a blanket of white noise and pulsating bass, somewhat metallic, chilly and wet. These are the images for these sounds for these places of my mind. Something is trembling with the beat of my heart. Tick-tock. Time rewinds to the mid nineties, […]

After spending an entire night dancing at an outdoor festival, I wake up in my tent, drenched in morning dew and sound. The music never stopped playing, but it has slowed down in pace. As the music guides me towards its source, the path winds in between the trees that seem to sway with the […]

Sit down. Stop thinking for a while. That thought? Let it go. Let it all go. Call it meditation, call it concentration, call it what you will, but let it go. That thought? Be above it and let it pass. Watch the thought pass through your mind. It passes, as the air through your lungs […]

The first installment of Headphone Commute’s Best of 2009 begins with Music For The Film Behind Closed Eyelids. This is a playlist of my favorite albums of the year, consisting of music that simply makes you feel. This is music that moves you from reality into daydreams then into nightmares and back into reality. The […]

I absolutely hate rating music. I hate dating it too, but rating… That’s just wrong. I mean, how can you compare the minimalist beauty of Taylor Deupree to the pounding beats of Chris Clark? What’s the scale here? Last year, in Headphone Commute’s Best of 2008, I attempted to tier my favorites into “Absolute Must“, […]

Here are ten more entries to complete Headphone Commute’s 20 Compilations and Mixes of 2009. I’ve been trying to get these off of my chest for a whole year! Now that I’m finally sharing these recommendations with you, I feel much better. There is an amazing selection of music below, spanning across a variety of […]


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