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Frank Bretschneider is a Berlin-based electronic musician working with sine waves, white noise, and other primitive signals as source material for his compositions. In 1995, along with Olaf Bender, Bretschneider founded the monumental Rastermusic label, which subsequently merged with Carsten Nicolai‘s offshoot to become what is known today as Raster-Noton. Bretschneider continues to release music, with his most recent […]

Maxim Reality, born Keith Palmer, is a British musician known for being a member of The Prodigy. But Maxim is not only an MC spitting lyrics for the singles Poison, Breathe and Mindfields, he’s also a constantly touring DJ and a solo artist. I caught up with Maxim for a quick interview to talk of his DJ debut, […]

Editor’s note: Welcome to the second installment of Headphone Commute’s “In the studio with…” column. Behind this door with the Hello Kitty “Welcome” sign (pictured above) lies the home in which Brock Van Wey (aka bvdub) composes his music… Be sure to check out Brock’s latest release on echospace [detroit] titled Home. Works really well in […]

Editor’s note: I’m really excited to roll out this brand new column on Headphone Commute, dedicated to all of you, gear heads, DSP junkies and sonic geeks! In this special feature, each carefully selected artists will get an opportunity to talk about their current studio setup, working environment, favorite hardware, process of composition and much […]

Hi guys. I’ve followed your work for a while, but haven’t had the chance to cover your sound on Headphone Commute, so I hope we can start at the beginning. Where do you guys come from, what does the project name mean and how would you describe your sound? We are located in Franconia, Bavaria, […]

Hey Mat! Really excited to have Unsound Festival back in New York. What prompted your decision to bring the festival back? New York has become Unsound’s second home. We’ve developed a strong connection with the city, having done three festivals here. The idea was only ever to take a break rather than depart permanently, in […]

Hi Jóhann, where are you these days, and what have you been up to since the beginning of 2014? I’ve been working on film music exclusively so far this year. I finished a Danish feature in January called “I Am Here”, on which I collaborated extensively with BJ Nilsen. I’m starting a film called Theory […]

I have to say, I’m incredibly excited that you resurrected The Stranger project. What prompted you to move in that direction? It felt like it was a great time to explore where I could take The Stranger work in a new direction. I moved to Krakow from Berlin and immediately started working on some darker […]

Hi Otto… where are you these days and what did you do this past weekend? Hey! I’m living in Porsgrunn, Norway. A small city about a 2 hours drive from Oslo. I haven’t been up to much this past week. January is a “sit inside do little” kind of month for me, being the darkest and coldest […]

I’d like to start at the very beginning, if that’s OK. How did you get into composing music? Wow, that goes way back. Ever since i was a kid, music and sound could totally absorb me. I’m a musical autodidact, so I never learned to make music properly ;-) But I’ve always been very curious and hungry […]

Hi Richard. We last spoke more than a year ago, when you unleashed the Pinkcourtesyphone project. What have you been up to since then? Well my husband and I moved to Los Angeles and I have continued to run my label LINE, and work on new sound projects, including Pinkcourtesyphone. You know… the usual. The long […]

Hey Bartosz. It’s been a while since we spoke. Three whole years I believe! You’ve definitely been very busy. Care to share your most recent accomplishments? Hi, yes, we haven’t spoken for quite a while, you’re right. A lot has happened in my life during those several years – some releases of my work and […]

Chris Watson is one of the world’s leading recorders of wildlife and natural phenomena. He has been releasing his archival works on Touch since 1996. Among the many favorites, Headphone Commute has covered El Tren Fantasma, Cross-Pollination, and his most recent work, In St Cuthbert’s Time. Recently, Watson collaborated with Soniccouture on a project called Geosonics, Sampling […]

Steve Elkins is a former private investigator, drummer for The Autumns, and author of “The Grammar Of Fire,” his true recount of being asked to lead a riot in the largest slum in India.  He is currently at work on his second documentary film, which explores how different cultures approach the unknown by struggling to […]

Hey Matthew. How is your summer/fall going? Doing anything fun before it’s over? i’ve had a lovely summer [and fall] – the weather has been just gorgeous. as far as doing fun things – i was able to work on something out on the oregon coast right on the beach – i’m looking forward to sharing […]

[Editor's Note: All answers for Hammock are furnished by the two members, Andrew Thompson (AT) and Marc Byrd (MB).] HC- Hi guys. It’s been a year since we last spoke (can you believe it?). What have you been up to? MB- We finished our new record, Oblivion Hymns which was a great experience. We learned […]

Why do you think music has kept you hooked for so long? Because it’s my life. I’m not an artist as such. I meet celebrities and to them, it’s a job. But to me, making music is like eating or breathing. It’s a totally natural thing for me. I did a bit of acting and […]

Hi Uwe… we had a nice chat last week while you were sipping on some coffee. What was your favorite region or brand again? yes. that was a very nice chat. thanks a lot to headphone commute! i would like to do that again. it’s very interesting to hear what the people think and what […]

Hey RJ. I’m pretty excited about your latest release. How long have you been working on it and how would you say has your sound evolved over the years since ‘The Colossus’? Thanks! I think I’ve come to terms with the fact that making good and/or effective music doesn’t always equate to making something that […]

I definitely hear a lot of Erik Satie in your works. Are you a fan of the composer, and if so, how have his works influenced you as a musician? Satie has a timeless quality to his music – and I think that there are specific reasons for this. His most timeless works are the […]


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