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Tropic of Cancer Restless Idylls Blackest Ever Black Camella Lobo’s latest solo release as Tropic of Cancer continues her melancholy trajectory of post-everything gloom. It’s a much more cohesive album than her previous mini-album, 2012’s The End of All Things, which still had some holdovers of her time recording as a duo with Juan Mendez […]

PAN is a Berlin/NYC based label founded in 2008 by Bill Kouligas (aka Family Battle Snake). In the past, the label has released abstract, improvisational and experimental pieces by Hecker, SND, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Mika Vainio, Kevin Drumm and many others. On this Sound Bytes Label Special, Matthew Mercer explores some the latest offerings from this purveyor […]

Bolder Hostile Environment Editions Mego There are only six tracks on this debut LP from Bolder, a two-member collective consisting of Martin Maischein and Peter Votava. This is a dark, digitally corrosive, and extremely atmospheric exploration of a world “where organic rhythms provide the path among a swarm of foreboding electronics.” At first listen I […]

Yes, that’s right, we’re still going strong with our Missed Gems series for our Sound Bytes column, in which Brian Housman of Stationary Travels catches us up on all the music that escaped our hungry ears. For this entry we’re especially focusing on releases in the post-rock genre. Don’t forget to click on the image […]

Matthew Barlow Sun Showers Preservation Matthew Barlow‘s Preservation début is the second installment in the label’s limited edition Circa 2014 series, which is intended to introduce the listeners to new ‘underground’ artists. This is is precisely the reason why I turn to Preservation for its hard work in ‘unearthing’ new sounds. In the last couple […]

Matthew Mercer stops by Headphone Commute to revisit a set of his favorite recent releases from the Brooklyn (New York, USA) based Tri Angle label, run by Robin Carolan for this Sound Bytes label special. We hope that you enjoy… The Haxan Cloak Excavation Tri Angle Tri Angle presents nine new incredibly dark excursions from […]

If you’ve been following, counting, or simply reading the subject, this is the fourth entry in the Missed Gems Sound Bytes column, in which I [desperately] catch up to all the great music of last year that somehow washed out through the cracks. Thankfully Stationary Travels saves the day with hand-picked jewels that caught their […]

Esmerine Dalmak Constellation With Dalmak, the Esmerine quartet (Bruce Cawdron, Beckie Foon, Jamie Thompson and Brian Sanderson) deliver their first album since 2011 and what an aural feast it is. Here again, some background on the album’s genesis is important to getting the most from it. “Dalmak is a Turkish verb with many connotations: to […]

Jóhann Jóhannsson Prisoners WaterTower Music When I first heard Jóhann Jóhannsson‘s soundtrack to Prisoners, I forgot that I have heard it once before. I was sitting in a theater in Seattle, watching this thriller by Denis Villeneuve about an abduction of two young girls. The bleak environment surrounding the sorrow, dread and a peculiar discomfort […]

Michel Banabila Float Tapu Beginning his career in the early 80′s, Michel Banabila‘s albums covered many different styles. So many, in fact, that his place in music was a bit difficult to pinpoint which sometimes seemed to confuse critics as well as potential followers. His albums presented world music, jazz, theatre play soundtracks as well […]

This is a second installment of our Sound Bytes’ Missed Gems column, featuring a few quick roundups of the last year’s overseen favorites, as selected by Stationary Travels. I am definitely enjoying these discoveries, and hope that you will find a little treasure too… Siavash Amini Chamomile Vol. 01 Oído I had my first exposure […]

As hard as I try to keep up with this endless torrent of beautiful music, there are still a few gems that seem to slip through the cracks. After publishing my own Best of 2013 lists, I spend countless hours combing through the internet in search of such treasure. Today I present you with the […]

Kate Carr Songs From A Cold Place I think that it’s only appropriate, that I start my Flaming Pines Sound Bytes Special with a release by the founder of the label herself, Kate Carr. I’ve been following the Australian label for a few years now, since the 2011 Listen To The Weather compilation, followed by Carr’s […]

Gui Boratto The K2 Chapter K2 / Kompakt Gui Boratto had been pumping out music for a little while before he connected with Kompakt and the kick-off of their K2 imprint, but it was on one of those K2 records that I first discovered what a talent Boratto had for smart, slick dance music. While […]

Herva What I Feel EP Delsin Hervé Corti’s four tracks on this release for Delsin walk the line between dance music and something other. The overall production sensibility is strange and murky, not in a way that sounds merely lo-fi but in a way that’s almost disorienting. The punchy kick of “Gorilla’s Machine,” paired with […]

Steve Hauschild S/H Editions Mego Fans of the drippy synth stylings of Cleveland act Emeralds will likely delight in the bounty of former Emeralds member Steve Hauschildt’s sprawling two-disc retrospective. Despite Hauschildt’s origins in the 00s Midwestern noise scene, his introspective synth pieces here owe much more to Terry Riley than Masami Akita. A whopping […]

Chris Watson In St Cuthbert’s Time Touch Why do I keep returning to field recordings by Chris Watson? I suppose the answer is similar to the reason behind watching visually stunning BBC documentaries like Planet Earth and Blue Planet. And just as I chase the higher definition quality of those shows, so do I rely […]

Frank Bretschneider Super.Trigger Raster-Noton Frank Bretschneider does a complete 180° from his last album, Kippschwingungen, released not long ago on Line, for this latest outing on his own Raster-Noton label. Exploring his repertoire, Bretschneider often seems to veer sharply from the rhythmic to the purely abstract, though he does occasionally land in the middle. Super.Trigger […]

William Basinski Nocturnes 2062 William Basinski‘s latest release is only two tracks in length, but as any Basinski fan already knows, there is a lot that may [and may not] happen within the span of their slow dissolution. The fourty-minute title track is “dark, suspended and formal early prepared piano and tape composition from San […]

For today’s Sunday Sound Bytes Label Special we are visiting with the Oakland based n5MD, one of my long-time favorite labels specializing in “emotional experiments in music”. I am very excited about a few upcoming releases on n5MD, especially the long-awaited Arovane release, as well as another gorgeous installment from bvdub. Meanwhile I wanted to […]


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