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Steve Roden & Frank Bretschneider Suite Nuit LINE Steve Roden is a Pasadena-based sound, visual, and mixed media artist who’s been releasing work under his own name. Roden’s music has always struck me as inherently organic, equally informed by technique, process, and instinct. He’s called it “lowercase” in the past, music that focuses on the […]

Imprints Data Trails Serein Imprints is a trio from London, and Data Trails is their second release (after a two-part self-released début) on the Welsh Serein label. The album is broken up into five pieces, and it starts off beautifully with the twelve-minute “Horror Birds”. Patient listeners will no doubt be rewarded as it progresses from […]

Deru 1979 Friends of Friends Benjamin Wynn a.k.a. Deru first made a name for himself in the 00s with IDM releases on Neo Ouija, Merck and Mush. 1979 is his first album in a few years, and it’s gorgeous. As its title implies, this is music that looks to the dusty nostalgia of the past, though […]

Lucy Claire Collaborations No​.​1 This Is It Forever Records Lucy Claire set her own bar quite high with her Suite EP last year, but she has delivered a new work just as satisfying and even more expansive with Collaborations Vol.1 on This Is It Forever Records. The EP revolves around two new compositions, each featuring […]

Pjusk / Sleep Orchestra Drowning In The Sky Dronarivm Drowning In The Sky brings together the creative forces of Norwegian duo Pjusk (Rune Sagevik and Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik) and UK artist Sleep Orchestra (Christopher Pegg). Seeds of their partnership sown when they met at the Storung Festival in Barcelona came to fruition when this record […]

Rob Clouth Clockwork Atom Leisure System I’m not sure what I’m mostly surprised, impressed or excited for – my new discovery of Rob Clouth and his newest three-track Clockwork Atom EP on Leisure System, or my discovery of the label itself. With only eleven releases behind its belt, this independent Berlin-based Berghain residency imprint entered […]

Rutger Zuydervelt Stay Tuned Baskaru Imagine a single 50-minute track with contributions from more than 150 artists… I can’t even begin to list names here but you should definitely check it out on the Bandcamp page – I’m sure it’ll raise your interest to find out more about Rutger Zuydervelt’s project, Stay Tuned. Before listening, it may […]

Lucy Churches Schools And Guns Stroboscopic Artefacts Stroboscopic Artefacts label boss Luca Mortellaro has been releasing a steady stream of solid electronic music through his label, championing a variety of acts that share a similar aesthetic (Dadub, Plaster, Lakker, to name a few), but it’s been a while since he released his own music as […]

Before you read this new installment of Sound Bytes, I wanted to take a few seconds of your time to point something out. Although originally intended as short, paragraph-length write-ups, launched back in 2010, these mini-reviews have almost doubled in size over the years. I think what I’m attempting to draw your attention to here, […]

Black Swan Tone Poetry Ethereal Symphony Black Swan was new to me when I first played Tone Poetry. And what a fantastic first impression the album made! [editor’s note: Headphone Commute has reviewed every single Black Swan release in the past, so it was time for Matthew to appreciate the artist.] I’ve played the album dozens of […]

Ital Tek Mega City Industry Civil Music This new foursome from Alan Myson, a Brighton based artist recording under the moniker Ital Tek, continues along the same trajectory he’s been on for the last several years, particularly his recent Control mini-album for Planet Mu. It’s his second outing for Civil Music after his Hyper Real EP […]

Christina Vantzou No. 2 Kranky The follow-up to a successful debut is often referred to as ‘the difficult second album‘ – but not really difficult for Christina Vantzou it seems: No. 2 feels like a natural progression, while at the same time a firm step forward. No. 1 was not her first venture into the world […]

Fluttery Records, established in 2008 by Taner Torun, is self-described as “a home for post-rock, ambient, experimental, electronic, modern classical lovers”. The label says “We call our artist roster ‘United Nations of Fluttery Records’. We are a multicultural record label with artists from different parts of the world. It is a place for creative music […]

Nate Connelly A Dream About Being Lost Blind Colour Nate Connelly’s debut is a rather smart and sophisticated collection of tracks and songs that skirt the line between leftfield R&B and something more abstract, taking slight cues from Burial and his ilk. It has in common with those ghostly records the sense of disembodied and […]

Tropic of Cancer Restless Idylls Blackest Ever Black Camella Lobo’s latest solo release as Tropic of Cancer continues her melancholy trajectory of post-everything gloom. It’s a much more cohesive album than her previous mini-album, 2012’s The End of All Things, which still had some holdovers of her time recording as a duo with Juan Mendez […]

PAN is a Berlin/NYC based label founded in 2008 by Bill Kouligas (aka Family Battle Snake). In the past, the label has released abstract, improvisational and experimental pieces by Hecker, SND, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Mika Vainio, Kevin Drumm and many others. On this Sound Bytes Label Special, Matthew Mercer explores some the latest offerings from this purveyor […]

Bolder Hostile Environment Editions Mego There are only six tracks on this debut LP from Bolder, a two-member collective consisting of Martin Maischein and Peter Votava. This is a dark, digitally corrosive, and extremely atmospheric exploration of a world “where organic rhythms provide the path among a swarm of foreboding electronics.” At first listen I […]

Yes, that’s right, we’re still going strong with our Missed Gems series for our Sound Bytes column, in which Brian Housman of Stationary Travels catches us up on all the music that escaped our hungry ears. For this entry we’re especially focusing on releases in the post-rock genre. Don’t forget to click on the image […]

Matthew Barlow Sun Showers Preservation Matthew Barlow‘s Preservation début is the second installment in the label’s limited edition Circa 2014 series, which is intended to introduce the listeners to new ‘underground’ artists. This is is precisely the reason why I turn to Preservation for its hard work in ‘unearthing’ new sounds. In the last couple […]

Matthew Mercer stops by Headphone Commute to revisit a set of his favorite recent releases from the Brooklyn (New York, USA) based Tri Angle label, run by Robin Carolan for this Sound Bytes label special. We hope that you enjoy… The Haxan Cloak Excavation Tri Angle Tri Angle presents nine new incredibly dark excursions from […]


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