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Having released my very own compilation offered me many valuable lessons in this “business” of music. One of these gave me a glimpse into the album’s short-lived attention span that it receives about a few months after its publication date, only to be quickly replaced by the very new, better, and bigger release. But as […]

Here’s a quick roundup of a few albums I haven’t had a chance to cover in the last year, yet they indeed remain on my rotations. Remember, don’t attempt to chase the very latest releases – you’ll find yourself tripping over an endless torrent of sound. For once, try to fall in love with the […]

1995… It was the year of Oklahoma City bombing, launch of Yahoo!, Windows 95 upgrade, Nasdaq climbing over 1000, and the acquittal of O. J. Simpson. It was the 50th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb, the announcement of DVD format, and the launch of eBay. But for me it was a year […]

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was originally published by Headphone Commute in March, 2008. Ported over as a flashback in May, 2011, and then again refreshed in June 2014… Please enjoy responsibly…] On July 9, 1992, a small label, starting off as a record shop in Sheffield, England, released a first installment of its Artificial Intelligence […]

Fourteen years ago, in May of 1996, Orbital released their fourth full length album, In Sides. I remember the day when the disk finally arrived, and I carefully put it into the CD tray while leafing through the booklet. I remember when The Box finally came on. The entire ritual of absorbing the music for […]

With only five albums and a handful of EPs and even some 7-inchers, Berlin-based Uwe Zahn, signed off from producing music altogether, with the last track on Lilies (City Centre Offices, 2004), titled Good Bye Forever. But Arovane‘s music doesn’t age. In fact, it is one of those rare occurrences where it gets better and […]

Here’s a brief history of Planet Mu, which is very much relevant to Jega. Planet Mu was born in 1995, and was originally setup as a sublabel of Virgin Records, on which it initially planned on releasing music by µ-Ziq (Mike Paradinas), and similar artists. The experimental electronic genre that initially was vultured upon by […]

So whatever happened to these guys? You remember their hit single History Repeating, which at one point was played on every radio station back in 1997 after being featured in that hysterical film, There’s Something About Mary. Then, there was the Spybreak! track which appeared in The Matrix. Meanwhile, the track Crash, was used in Austin Powers: The […]

In 2002, the Scottish electronic music duo, Boards of Canada released their second commercial full length album on Warp Records, titled Geogaddi. I say, “commercial”, because prior to being signed to Warp, brothers [yes, they _are_ brothers] Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin Sandison have released several obscure EPs and albums on their own, Music70 imprint. […]

This flashback is supposed to be another installmanet of my Random Vinyl of the Week series. But I’m already cheating… A little bit… I did indeed pull out this triple twelve-incher from my vast record library (the correct term is discothèque, right?). But it is still shrink wrapped! You can’t expect me to break the […]

Prior to doing a proper writeup on Geir Jenssen, I listened to all of his grandiose works. Twice. OK, maybe not all. Jenssen’s discography does not only span albums under his most famous moniker, Biosphere. There is his debut album, The North Pole By Submarine (SSR, 1989) as Bleep; two volumes of The Fires of […]

So we’ll never know who’s really behind Gestalt Communications (Gescom), so what? It’s pretty obvious that Sean Booth and Rob Brown of Autechre had a hand at this. The only clues on this 2003 EP are the references to a well respected label, Skam and its title, ISS:SA (and even the latter is slapped as […]

This is obviously an amazing record to start off my Random Vinyl of the Week adventure, as I dig through my dusty archives. Released in 1996, Dead Cities was Garry Cobain and Brian Dougans’ fourth full length album as The Future Sound of London. Dead Cities was that very last record and then there was […]

Squarepusher recently announced a new upcoming album, titled Just A Souvenir (out on Warp on October 27th, of 2008 – and already available via digital download on bleep). But on my first preview of the album, Tom Jenkinson seems to drift even further away from his original innovative broken beats and drill’n’bass, so dominated by […]


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