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Akkord follows their stellar début album on Houndstooth with this addendum of 4 new tracks on an HTH020 EP. One of the things I loved about their first EP and album were that they seemed unafraid to assimilate en vogue sounds of the moment with gestures and flourishes from the past as well as technically perfect […]

Please believe us when we say that we’re dying to tell you about our favorite album selections of 2011. It feels like everyone has already announced their choices, but we’ll stick to our principles and wait until the very last day and begin on January 1st (only three days away)! Meanwhile, let’s pay tribute where […]

I will be the first to admit that mini-albums, EPs, and 12″ singles do not get as much attention on these pages as they deserve. These brief glimpses of miniature releases fall and melt like tiny snowflakes in the night. But unlike short-lived crystals of water, this beautiful music leaves a lasting impression on our […]

Well, excuse me, if it’s not good ol’ Volker Bertelmann making an appearance on the last installment of Serein‘s Seasons series as Hauschka! Having released Salon Des Amateurs earlier this year on FatCat‘s 130701 imprint, as well as a collaboration with Hildur Guðnadóttir, Pan Tone, on Sonic Pieces, and a two track long player with […]

All this week, Headphone Commute has been featuring a Serein Label Special, profiling its 2011 Seasons series, which is composed of four limited 10″ vinyl records, released over the course of the year, pressed on heavyweight vinyl with hand numbered outer sleeves. And now we come to the highlight of Serein’s artist roster. Nest is […]

Does the sad, minimal, and drony music compliments the rain, or does the wet, dark, and windy morning makes that music so much better? These are some of the thoughts on my mind during my rainy commute, as the scratching little noises of Donato Wharton‘s guitar, floating synth ambiance, and seemingly random lo-fi acoustic frequencies […]

For the first entry in the label’s Seasons 2011 series, Huw Roberts of Serein invites a Chicago based crossover jazz duo, Charles Rumback and Charles Gorczynski, to contribute a four-track EP as Colorlist. Recorded by John Hughes (aka Slicker and owner of Hefty Records) and Joshua Eustis (one half of Telefon Tel Aviv), the duo […]

Well, here’s indeed something special! The wonderful folks at Oktaf are releasing tracks in a new Sketches series into the world one at a time, and we got our dirty hands on the fourth installment from Marsen Jules, titled Serenade, exclusively for Headphone Commute! That’s right – this is the _ONLY_ place where you can […]

This special installment of Sound Bytes features not just three, but five quick entries covering the very latest releases from one of the ground breaking, boundary pushing, genre bending labels, Hyperdub. This UK label is run and operated by Steve Goodman, aka Kode9. It is Hyperdub that introduced us to William Bevan – aka Burial […]

This installment of Sound Bytes features some of my latest picks among the net-label community. Distributing music digitally, and mostly for FREE, net labels are a collection of artists sprinkled across the domain of intarwebs with one goal in mind: make great music and spread it far and wide! Back in the early 90s even […]

I sat down to cover the latest release from Planet Mu by Kuedo, and my mind migrated over to the bass sounds from Eskmo which then reminded me of an album by VibeSquaD. This is a perfect example of why Sound Bytes makes sense in that nonsensical kind of way. Three releases tied together by […]

OK. I give up. There is just no way that I can cover all of the wonderful music out there. There’s just not enough time! But I still want to tell you about all of the amazing releases that come across my desk. So I’m introducing a new feature on Headphone Commute. It’s simple and straight […]

Hold up, hold up. Rewind selector! Before I attempt to sit down and put together my list of favorite albums of 2009, I must pay homage to the music that slipped past me in the year before. I have said this time and again – there is simply way too much music! Every year, I […]

Here comes part two of my original writeup for 20 EPs of 2009. To those with minimal math skills and a keen eye to detail I must apologize for a little white lie. There was so much great music this year, that the second part of this article expanded to eleven reviews. I couldn’t leave […]

As the year draws to a close, and I start thinking about the upcoming Best of 2009 list, I realize that I haven’t properly covered some 12″ singles, EPs and mini albums. These tend to fall off my reviewing queue, mostly because in some cases it’s difficult to do a proper writeup for only a […]

Coming in with slow jazzy percussion, deep rumbling bass, and all acoustic instrumentation, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble enters from the shadows of ghostly vocals and crackling dust. Violins, trombones, and jazz trumpets howl and growl, along digitally effected beats and bit-crushed atmospheres of decay. Darker than future jazz, yet lighter than doom jazz, the purveyors […]

From the label that brought you majestic modern classical music from Icelandic rising star, Ólafur Arnalds, comes a new installment in emotional… wait… what’s this? My expectations for melodramatic orchestral stabs are shattered by explosive drums and drilling breaks. Completely unexpected and incredibly welcome, Rival Consoles catches me off guard with his cinematic progressions, which […]

Beautiful melodic electronica will always have a slot on my shelf. Even if it’s a digital only release. And here’s one from a quickly gaining recognition netlabel, Summer Rain Recordings. And the label has a clear defined goal and purpose – all signed artists donate 5% of their royalties to NextAid (or any selected charity). […]

With half a dozen of twelve-inchers under his belt, and a full-length breakcore album Hippie Killers Don’t Mind Jah Conversations (Peace Off, 2006), Luis Garbàn, aka Cardopusher, lands a tasteful EP on Spectraliquid, continuing the Athens based label’s Mutant Dubstep series with Volume 2. Garbàn’s previous output ranged from above mentioned breakcore, to gabber and […]

So we’ll never know who’s really behind Gestalt Communications (Gescom), so what? It’s pretty obvious that Sean Booth and Rob Brown of Autechre had a hand at this. The only clues on this 2003 EP are the references to a well respected label, Skam and its title, ISS:SA (and even the latter is slapped as […]


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