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Based in Portland Oregon, A Strangely Isolated Place is both a music community and a label that produces excellent recordings centered around evocative themes and concepts. Their latest V/A compilation, Europe, is perhaps one of their most exquisite and noteworthy releases. It is “a meticulously curated compilation inspired by some of the most beautiful locations […]

When the hurricane winds subsided, and I saw the destruction left behind by nature that touched people’s lives, I decided to gather whatever strength I could muster and release a benefit compilation, titled … and darkness came. This 2012 digital release was considered a colossal offering in size, as it featured 87 greatest ambient and modern […]

The seventh and final installment in Sub Rosa’s massive series. I’ll admit that this is the only one to which I’ve given proper attention, but with three discs totaling nearly four hours in playback, in itself it is an undertaking in terms of curation as much as in listening. While no compilation can ever really […]

13 years ago, Mego label released Pure’s the.end.of.vinyl on a 3” CD. The release marked a shift in Pure’s sound from more dancefloor-oriented productions toward something more abstract and experimental. Ironically, the release was pressed on CD because it was the prevalent format at the time; the name describes the techniques used to create the music (working with […]

After almost two weeks of going out for the Unsound Festival and a few performances by Nils Frahm, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Taylor Deupree, I feel a bit overwhelmed, worn out and tired. Thankfully the weekend is here, and so I can settle comfortably in my studio chair to catch up to the latest releases and […]

Sometimes an onslaught of amazing music actually depresses me. I feel like a rabid squirrel trapped in a glass cage filled with delicious treats – running from one corner to another, gathering food for the winter that will never come! I am actually nostalgic for the days when I used to play the same album […]

Publishing the first half of our favorite compilations and mixes of 2011 took a great weight off our shoulders. Finishing it up today will complete our celebration of genres and labels of the year. But all of this is just a prelude to all the great things to come. First of all, there’s yet another […]

Selecting our favorite albums of the year is always a chore. It is especially difficult when it comes to compilations. Besides picking out our favorite mixes in each respective genre, we also wanted to highlight the compilations that showcase our favorite labels’ artist roster. Alongside the continuous mixes in techno, dubstep, and drum’n’bass, we’ve got […]

As I’ve proclaimed many times before – there’s just no way that I can cover all of the great music out there! There’s just not enough time, not enough money and not enough words! But if you liked any of our 20 Compilations and Mixes of 2010 as featured in Part One and Part Two, […]

We hope that you enjoyed the First Half of our 20 Compilations and Mixes of 2010 article. There are definitely many great selections out there, but when compiling this final list of the year we tried to cover a variety of genres, styles, and label showcases. We hope that through these words you get introduced […]

In this first set of articles celebrating the Best of 2010, we tip our hats to our favorite compilations. Here’s to all the great picks by the labels, DJs, and selectors across the globe, featuring our favorite genres in theme centered mixes and compilations. Head bopping, dance and club oriented genres, such as techno, drum’n’bass […]

In this installment of Sound Bytes, I wish to cover a few compilations that recently grazed on the cones of my speakers. I’ve got some ambient, downtempo, and IDM here for you to munch on. And what’s more delicious about this organic cocktail is that a lot of it is FREE! Bon appetit! Made of […]

A lot of great music in this one! In this installment of Sound Bytes, I want to cover a few compilations across a spectrum of genres. Not only do these showcase the latest in dubstep, drum’n’bass and techno, but I promise you that this sound is unlike anything else you’ve heard before. In all cases, the compilations […]

Kompakt Records kicks off the new year with the tenth installment of its annual Pop Ambient series — a decade of densely layered drones, tones, and sounds, showcasing the best artists making music in modern classical and ambient genres. The compilations are curated each year by label head and music legend, Wolfgang Voigt (aka Gas), […]

On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook Haiti and devastated the country, with death toll rising over 150,000. Humanitarian efforts quickly took place, to aid on site, and to raise money through charities to help with the relief effort. Betamorph Records has partnered with AmeriCares Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Aid Organization to raise […]

Hold up, hold up. Rewind selector! Before I attempt to sit down and put together my list of favorite albums of 2009, I must pay homage to the music that slipped past me in the year before. I have said this time and again – there is simply way too much music! Every year, I […]

Here are ten more entries to complete Headphone Commute’s 20 Compilations and Mixes of 2009. I’ve been trying to get these off of my chest for a whole year! Now that I’m finally sharing these recommendations with you, I feel much better. There is an amazing selection of music below, spanning across a variety of […]

Compilations are notoriously difficult to cover. Usually, when I write an article on a collection of tracks, I spend some time capturing a specific theme or concept that the volume is made up of, and then feverishly rattle off the contributors. It’s tough to encapsulate the theme otherwise. That doesn’t mean that I don’t listen […]

Boomkat is not exactly a record label. And it’s not really known for its compilations. But it is a famous online music store for all of your underground musical flavors, from dubstep to hip-hop to IDM and modern classical. Towards the end of 2008, Boomkat launched a sister site : Every week, 14tracks presents […]

Keshhhhhh Recordings is based in Cambridge (England) and is run by Simon Scott (you should know him as the ex-drummer from the shoegaze band, Slowdive). I’m not exactly sure what Simon has in mind for the future of his label, but I must say, he’s off to a pretty good start. First of all, he’s […]


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