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My latest favorite discovery of the year (yes, perhaps of the entire year), is introduced courtesy of Milan Records – a Los Angeles based label focusing mainly on scores and soundtracks, gracing our ears with the latest from Cliff Martinez, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Max Richter and Clint Mansell. By now I pretty much consume everything from this fascinating imprint, […]

“Whatever happened to IV?” The second full-length album from A Winged Victory For The Sullen (let’s just call them AWVFTS from now on), a follow-up to their 2011’s self-titled début, was an eagerly anticipated event. The release of the preceding 12″ EP last April (featuring Atomos VII with an additional remix version by Ben Frost) was just […]

Topeka, Kansas based artist Aaron Martin follows up his split with Christoph Berg, Day Has Ended (Dronarivm, 2013) [one of my favorite albums of 2013] and his solo live album Chapel Floor (Sonic Meditations, 2014) with another stunning release, Comet’s Coma, this one on the enigmatic Eilean Records. The label itself is based on a map of an […]

“a new frontier for symphonic music…” I’d like to preface this write-up with a short update on my listening setup. I’ve been awaiting to purchase a pair of planar magnetic headphones ever since I first experienced them in a New York’s audiophile shop. And now they’re here, and they’re all mine – a pair of […]

When the hurricane winds subsided, and I saw the destruction left behind by nature that touched people’s lives, I decided to gather whatever strength I could muster and release a benefit compilation, titled … and darkness came. This 2012 digital release was considered a colossal offering in size, as it featured 87 greatest ambient and modern […]

Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul And sings the tune without the words And never stops at all When skill, ingenuity, and inspiration meet, magical things can happen; art can happen. Poppy Ackroyd’s dazzling new album Feathers is a case in point. Skill? The London-born, Brighton-based artist is classically trained […]

At first, the name Andrea Belfi, may not trigger any particular memories. But dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that this Italian electro-acoustic composer has appeared on your radar (and on these pages) before. As a solo artist, Belfi has been releasing on labels such as Häpna, Die Schachtel and Room40. The latter is responsible […]

molecularly sublime… Los Angeles based Dragon’s Eye Recordings is a label that keeps resurrecting itself. Originally founded in 1989 by Paul Novak as the audio/visual arm for his very own bread recipe publications, the label was picked up in 2005 by his son, Yann Novak, for his very own sonic explorations in abstract and experimental music. Following a […]

When Kiasmos announced an upcoming self-titled début, I bookmarked the date, lowered the heat, and put the release on the back-burner. London-based Erased Tapes never disappoints, and with a backing of another top-notch full-length, I knew that I could turn up the heat, just when the soul needed a little warming. Kiasmos, after all, is a […]

“Music is like sculpture. It’s like trying to capture a moment of ultimate momentum, and distill it forever. An invincible, sealed capsule of sound”. – Clark, August 2014 In order to give the latest self-titled record by Clark all the praise that it’s due, I feel like I must first go back. Go back, perhaps […]

Akkord follows their stellar début album on Houndstooth with this addendum of 4 new tracks on an HTH020 EP. One of the things I loved about their first EP and album were that they seemed unafraid to assimilate en vogue sounds of the moment with gestures and flourishes from the past as well as technically perfect […]

erasure through auditory burial It feels like it’s been some time since I’ve heard from or wrote about Lawrence English. I last interviewed this Australian composer, and founder of Room40 label back in early 2012, after his release of The Peregrine on Experimedia. Since then, English put out For/Not For John Cage on Line, Lonely Women’s Club on Important, and a few splits […]

What other word could we use to describe the year 2014 for the Iranian Porya Hatami but prolific? He has already given us two excellent solo albums in the form of Shallow (Tench, 2014) and The Garden (Dronarivm, 2014) as well as a pair of full length collaborations, The Longing Daylight (Carpe Sonum, 2014) with Lee Anthony Norris […]

Imprints Data Trails Serein Imprints is a trio from London, and Data Trails is their second release (after a two-part self-released début) on the Welsh Serein label. The album is broken up into five pieces, and it starts off beautifully with the twelve-minute “Horror Birds”. Patient listeners will no doubt be rewarded as it progresses from […]

I’m not sure if you guys picked up on this, but there’s something interesting going on at Mute Records, a British label founded in 1978 by Daniel Miller which has brought us Depeche Mode, Erasure, Moby and of course many other popular names. Sometime in 2011, the parent label, Mute Artists Ltd, began licensing music […]

There are some people who despise the term ‘psybient’. I’m not exactly sure why. I suppose there is a certain distrust in the merging of the ‘psychedelic’ anything and the ambient music genres. I don’t particularly tend to favor one word versus another, although I would rather prefer to use the word ‘psybient’, instead of ‘downtempo’, […]

There is something dark and sinister in the atonal chords of Roll The Dice. I take a break from listening and double-check if it is the very same group which I covered back in 2011, when the second full length by Malcolm Pardon and Peder Mannerfelt, titled In Dust, was picked up by the Leaf Label. Indeed, it appears […]

Much press has been made of how long it has been since Richard D. James released music as Aphex Twin, as if we’ve been clamoring in a drought of new music from him, but in reality he’s been quite active. Not only in the privacy of his studio, no doubt cranking out tunes at his […]

Deru 1979 Friends of Friends Benjamin Wynn a.k.a. Deru first made a name for himself in the 00s with IDM releases on Neo Ouija, Merck and Mush. 1979 is his first album in a few years, and it’s gorgeous. As its title implies, this is music that looks to the dusty nostalgia of the past, though […]

Benn Lee Jordan’s music as The Flashbulb has really evolved over time, starting off as a somewhat petulant drill’n’bass producer with ADHD (hot on the heels of Aphex Twin and Squarepusher styles) and then migrating progressively into more and more lush and accomplished production. Nothing Is Real continues along the same trajectory, with a whopping twenty-two pieces […]


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