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“… and the trees, like earth’s wistful sighs to the sky.” K. Janiszewska Touch had a very productive summer in 2014. The focus of this recommendation is an album by Jacaszek & Kwartludium, titled Catalogue des Arbres. The former has been a favorite of mine since the discovery in 2008 by Erik K Skodvin for his Miasmah label, and the introduction […]

[Editor’s Note : We were actually ready to publish this review back in May, when the album hit the streets, but spent the next few months chasing Ben Frost around the globe during his tour for a complimentary interview to go alongside this review. Alas, he still appears to be extremely busy, so we are […]

During the first quarter of the new millennium I was fascinated with with the clicky, glitchy, and shuffling lo-fi spectrum of electronica, with Telefon Tel Aviv‘s Fahrenheit Fair Enough (Hefty, 2001), Boards of Canada‘s Geogaddi (Warp, 2002), Dictaphone‘s M.=addiction (City Centre Offices, 2002) and Skyphone‘s debut release Fabula on Rune Grammofon. I specifically remember getting […]

Lucy Claire Collaborations No​.​1 This Is It Forever Records Lucy Claire set her own bar quite high with her Suite EP last year, but she has delivered a new work just as satisfying and even more expansive with Collaborations Vol.1 on This Is It Forever Records. The EP revolves around two new compositions, each featuring […]

Listen… I’m here to tell you that IDM lives on, and so does the purveyor of the genre, the monumental Manchester-based Skam Records. Established by Andy Maddocks in the early 90s, the label’s very first release was a self-titled LP by Lego Feet – the duo of Sean Booth and Rob Brown, known collectively to the world […]

I may have not covered much of Adam M. Raisbeck’s work as Sense, but that doesn’t mean that I have not been paying attention. In fact, I have been following his releases going back to 2000, when his music surfaced on compilations by Merck, Miasmah, Cactus Island, and of course, Sutemos‘ Intelligent Toys series (speaking of […]

Pjusk / Sleep Orchestra Drowning In The Sky Dronarivm Drowning In The Sky brings together the creative forces of Norwegian duo Pjusk (Rune Sagevik and Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik) and UK artist Sleep Orchestra (Christopher Pegg). Seeds of their partnership sown when they met at the Storung Festival in Barcelona came to fruition when this record […]

Although I spend a lot of time listening to music ‘on the go’, there are a few records that I have in reserve for my intercontinental travel. These are the albums that slowly lull me away, distracting my mind from any other thoughts, beckoning the attention to a complex kaleidoscope of images behind closed eyelids. […]

Intensive Collectivity Known as City, Idlefon’s new full length release on Tympanik Audio, is further evidence of a burgeoning electronic music scene in Iran. Idlefon himself is Hesam Ohadi, a computer musician and sound artist based in Tehran. He is also a member of the post-rock/ electronica band Photomat along with Siavash Amini and Nima […]

Rob Clouth Clockwork Atom Leisure System I’m not sure what I’m mostly surprised, impressed or excited for – my new discovery of Rob Clouth and his newest three-track Clockwork Atom EP on Leisure System, or my discovery of the label itself. With only eleven releases behind its belt, this independent Berlin-based Berghain residency imprint entered […]

Once upon a time, a vinyl release was taken for granted; now it’s a goal to which artists aspire. After numerous releases over the course of five years, Saåad [comprised of Romain Barbot and Greg Buffier] has finally scored its first LP. We share in the duo’s joy, not only because we love records, but because […]

Olaf Bender (Byetone) and Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto) have spent the last 15 years or longer along a similar trajectory, exploring digital minimalism, rhythm, and noise with a fairly severe ear. Along with Frank Bretschneider, they’ve curated a legacy befitting their aesthetic via Raster-Noton, a label whose visuals and sounds all fall directly in line […]

With Dream Tempest, Dennis Huddleston is looking to take his very successful musical project, 36 (pronounced ‘three-six’), into some new territory. The five previous albums, Hypersona (2009), Memories In Widescreen (2010), Hollow (2010), Lithea (2012) and Shadow Play (2013) all self-released by Huddleston on his very own 3six Recordings, ended up on Headphone Commute’s heavy rotation, with many appearing on our Best […]

You remember Bluetech, right? Evan Bartholomew has been producing electronic psychedelia since 2003, most notably known for his releases on Aleph Zero, Interchill, and his very own Native State Records. Sometime in 2007 (I believe), Bartholomew met up with another favorite artist of mine, Jamie Watts. The latter has been recording as KiloWatts for Austin (Texas, […]

Rutger Zuydervelt Stay Tuned Baskaru Imagine a single 50-minute track with contributions from more than 150 artists… I can’t even begin to list names here but you should definitely check it out on the Bandcamp page – I’m sure it’ll raise your interest to find out more about Rutger Zuydervelt’s project, Stay Tuned. Before listening, it may […]

Lucy Churches Schools And Guns Stroboscopic Artefacts Stroboscopic Artefacts label boss Luca Mortellaro has been releasing a steady stream of solid electronic music through his label, championing a variety of acts that share a similar aesthetic (Dadub, Plaster, Lakker, to name a few), but it’s been a while since he released his own music as […]

Like the white swish of the famous Nike tick, Solens Arc swoops high above the sky, a band steep in its incline, racing against the friction of gravity. The arc, with its incredible altitude, rises in an easy swoosh and then inverts itself, cascading the underside in slight, yet noticeable degrees, its trajectory hanging like […]

Walizka by John Lemke is a significantly enhanced reissue of a three-track EP which was originally released as a teaser for his 2013 full-length album People Do on Denovali. The new version includes the three original tracks (‘Walizka’, ‘Drift’, and ‘Kompass’) along with four stunning remixes by fellow Denovali artists Piano Interrupted, SaffronKeira, Everyday Dust, and Petrels. According […]

Before you read this new installment of Sound Bytes, I wanted to take a few seconds of your time to point something out. Although originally intended as short, paragraph-length write-ups, launched back in 2010, these mini-reviews have almost doubled in size over the years. I think what I’m attempting to draw your attention to here, […]

You know, as the world turns and feeds off its own collective insanity, creating nothing useful but pain and suffering, I try to step back, close my eyes and simply breathe. In those moments I often turn to Brock Van Wey, and his truly blissed-out music. Thankfully for me, there is plenty from his catalog to […]


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