Headphone Commute’s Best of 2013 : Music For Awakened Spirits And Open Minds


After spending an entire night dancing at an outdoor festival, I wake up in my tent, drenched in morning dew and sound. The music never stopped playing, but it has slowed down in pace. As the sound guides me towards its source, the path winds in between the trees that seem to sway with the rhythm. Suddenly, I’m up in the air, floating towards an open field, where yogis have already began to levitate. But before I circle around a large amanita dancing to the sonic colors, the bass rolls off, and I wake up in my tent, drenched in morning dew and sound. Welcome to the sounds of awakened spirits. You may enter… but only with an open mind…


6 Responses to “Headphone Commute’s Best of 2013 : Music For Awakened Spirits And Open Minds”

  1. Oh, also Lars Leonhard + Alvina Red – ‘Seasons – Les Quatre Saisons’ (BineMusic) and Minilogue – ‘Blomma’ (Cocoon) could fit this department I think : )

  2. Personally, I would replace ‘Museum Of Consciousness’ with Bombay Dub Orchestra’s ‘Tales From The Grand Bazaar’. Their best yet in my opinion.

    The first two Shpongle albums will always own a special place in my heart, but after those two the magic was lost for me.

    Indeed Solar Fields and Miktek are lovely. I would also add ‘Oxycanta III’.

    Anyway, great selections on all departments so far (as usual :- ).

  3. 3 JB

    Kind of felt like Museum of Consciousness was more akin to a collection of Ineffable B-Sides. Just didn’t grab me, for one. Which is hard to say because their work is normally of the highest caliber.
    r.roo really shined this year. hydref was an incredible surprise.

    • Yeah, Shpongle may be ‘loosing it’ a bit… While r.roo had yet another album “Innerheaven” out on Tympanik, and yet another, titled “Exist” on Abstract Reflections all in 2013!!!

      • 5 Dave Atkinson

        Very surprised at Shpongle being in there, agree a collection of b sides or compilation tracks. Sounds dated, bland and weak compared to the last album, lacks inspiration. Miktek and Solarfields high quality as always..

      • 6 JB

        I want to say that innerheaven is one of my favorite albums of the year. I must extend gratitude to HC for introducing me to r.roo in the first place.


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