Headphone Commute’s Best of 2012 : Music For Long Car Rides With My Family and Friends


My family and friends have long time given up. And even though I listen to everything from beautiful piano music to gorgeous post-rock instrumentals, they seem to think that I like “nails on the chalkboard” with a “bucket falling down the stairs”. I’ve long had a special collection of albums set aside for that occasion when I need to prove them wrong. These are softer textures with some lyrics (they need lyrics, don’t they?) and lullaby qualities (if they fall asleep, I win as well). And it feels like the purpose of any prolonged car ride is to setup an opportunity with no escape and open up their ears. Even if it’s just for an hour. Here’s to that moment when I’ll win them over! Someday… Someday they will come around, I’m sure…


5 Responses to “Headphone Commute’s Best of 2012 : Music For Long Car Rides With My Family and Friends”

  1. 1 John Binstead

    I still have a hard time to win friends over to this music, but this is a great collection to win some over. Orcas is just beautiful, Hammock is next on my purchase list

  2. 2 Sylckie

    thanks for all the discoveries, today’s list is again wonderful!

  3. 3 wajobu

    Manual, Billow & Brother Sun, Sister Moon–completely agree…the others? I just haven’t heard…yet.

    • Oh well, now you’ll have to! Definitely check out Hammock if you like Manual, and Orcas and… and… the rest!

  4. 5 Jean-Francois Laferte Terrebonne Quebec Canada

    Collecting music since I was 13, I am still amazed of all the talents this Planet Earth is bringing to us! Thanks for sharing that with us!
    55 years old and still going strong…..

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