Headphone Commute’s Best of 2012 : Music For Withered Leaves And Lonely Fishtanks


Something warm and crispy is tickling the inside of my ear canal. It travels through my cochlear labyrinth, where the sensory hair cells sway with the vibrations and generate electric signals, which in turn fire the synapse towards my primary auditory cortex. Somewhere within the Wernicke’s area of my cerebral cortex it all makes sense, and my hand moves, and my heart palpitates, and the trees sway, and the leaves fall. When asked if I would rather lose my hearing or my sight, I always choose the latter. In complete and total silence of the world, the void would make my soul implode. Because even the fishtanks need music.


3 Responses to “Headphone Commute’s Best of 2012 : Music For Withered Leaves And Lonely Fishtanks”

  1. These lists are fantastic — so many wonderful discoveries (like Brambles and Ex Confusion) and so many reminders about what a great year 2012 was in music (Digressions, Simon Scott, Kyle Bobby Dunn, etc., etc.) As a writer, music is incredibly important to me. It inspires and helps manifest mood and I’ve been diving into many new sounds as I bounce around headphonecommute. Thanks so much for your dedication and curation — your site is a thing to behold.

  2. Thanks a lot for putting together the Spotify Soundrop! Much to discover!

  3. Great and inspiring list! I like the Simon Scott album a lot. Will check out the other titles. Thank you.

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