wndfrm – Live At Decibel Festival


On today’s Headphone Commute podcast, I’d like to showcase a live set by Portland based Tim Westcott, recording under the alias wndfrm (and also known as cloudburst). Westcott produces beautiful atmospheric ambiance layered with driving rhythms, soaring dynamics and hypnotic charm. I’ll let Tim explain more about this particular recording:

“this is my live set for the Neuva Forma label showcase at Decibel Festival this past september. i recorded it straight from ableton, and added some limiting and compression afterwards, to reflect the clubby, bassy nature of the sound system it was heard on.

it was a bit of an experiment for me, and i think it was successful. the set is comprised of modular re-edited sections of completed and un-finished tracks, a healthy dose of effects chains, and reflects a lot of the tones, rhythms and textures i’ve been working with over the past year or so.

included are re-edits of ‘kite’ , ‘i say’, ‘solvind’, ‘underwolcen’, a host of other un-released original material, field recordings, and a mangled sample of rob hood’s classic ‘one circle’. i included that to create a dialogue with the listener, a frame of reference. the detroit sound has been very influential in my musical path over the years.

i was really honoured to be a part of decibel festival this year, and also thankful to play alongside Nueva Forma label-mates IG88, The Bear and the Sea, and A Gap Between. we had a great time, and look forward to more events in the next few months.

thanks for listening.”


[ S T R E A M ] | [ D O W N L O A D ] | [ P O D C A S T ] | [ i T U N E S ]

6 Responses to “wndfrm – Live At Decibel Festival”

  1. hey, thought i’d post this.. it’s longer and has a little different vibe.

    http://soundcloud.com/wndfrm/wndfrm-live-bonzai-vancouver-bc-jan2013 ..

    many thanks to the bonz.ai crew in vancouver BC!

  2. very nice mix. quite a build up!! ;-) relaxing ambient and yet energetic..

  3. this is just fantastic. the jam that builds up from 6:00 to 12:00 minutes or so had me deep-nodding. wndfrm do you play out in PDX?

  4. 4 wndfrm

    “keep em wanting more..” wasn’t that one of taylor deupree’s rules of performance?

    thanks for the vote of support, hopefully i will get some more opportunities to play out and for a longer time-frame.. also looking forward to releasing some of this stuff as purchasable content in the relatively near future.


  5. Wow this is amazing. And too, too short. So intelligent, deep and driving.

    • Yes, I know. I really wish it was longer as well… :(


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