Best New Labels of 2011


The world seems to be virtually sinking in its own imaginary void. I tried to explain the bad economy to my dog, but he just doesn’t get it. With digital, cloud, and streaming media seemingly dominating the landscape, newly independent labels turn to hand crafted physical releases. Besides publishing beautiful music, the limited packages made with love show up at my doorstep like gifts from a sonic fairy. Unwrapping these tiny gems brings back the memories of childhood when each record held in it a world of wonder, charm and delight. In this entry of Headphone Commute’s Best of 2011 we celebrate our favorite new labels that managed not only to sprout in this economy but blossom and flourish in our hearts. Thank you!


Blikmuzik Enig’matik Records
Facture Flaming Pines
Futuresequence Nomadic Kids Republic | Profile
Signifier Software Records
Time Released Sound
Profile : part one | part two
Twisted Tree Line

One Response to “Best New Labels of 2011”

  1. 1 Julia

    What lovely things to say about the new amazing labels, words of encouragement that will undoubtedly bring hope to all :) Thank you :)

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