Sound Postcard : Otto A. Totland – Maaltrost_snippet


About a year ago, Headphone Commute’s Sound Postcards feature started its new chapter, with contributions from our favorite artists, sending in snippets of field recordings, creative phonography, and previously unpublished pieces. I suppose today is as a good of a day as any to celebrate the project’s one year anniversary with a beautiful recording from Otto A. Totland. As many of you by now [should] know, Totland is both, one half of Nest (with Hew Roberts) and one half of Deaf Center (with Erik Skodvin), working in two of our all time favorite modern classical and ambient groups…

With this new unmastered recording we discover that Totland is a member of yet another group, Måltrost, where he plays piano alongside Bjørn Nikolaisen‘s guitar. This specific piece has not been titled yet… and I’m already drooling for the entire project to see the light…

2 Responses to “Sound Postcard : Otto A. Totland – Maaltrost_snippet”

  1. Has there been any progress on this project? I’d love to hear more :) I went ahead and checked out Nest after hearing this and I’m hooked.

  2. Exactly what I needed to hear this morning… Lovely.


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